Jump SMARTA Training

The Jump SMARTA Marketing Training Program is the perfect way to upskill your staff and yourself in marketing management. It is a serious mistake to pull back from marketing your business in these tough times. 

You must remain in front of your customers and competition. What you need is to be SMARTA and sharper with your marketing. This is where becoming more self sufficient is an excellent strategy. Learning to DIY as much of your marketing as possible can be achieved through the Jump SMARTA Marketing Training Program.

This course is customised to fill the gaps in your marketing, advertising and promotions knowledge. By getting your staff involved in the marketing training you can create a whole team to do your business marketing. As it is delivered face to face it is currently available in Australia only.

Here’s how it works…

We will work with you to identify your training requirements by conducting a Skill Gap Analysis. We can focus on your marketing needs only or use the opportunity to examine your total staff and management training needs.

From the analysis we’ll create a training package tailored to your needs and resources. As experienced trainers we can incorporate your company’s current processes and key marketing issues.

A Solid Marketing base

Most of our clients want to start with the ‘What to’ aspects of Marketing, then work on the ‘How to’.

In the Jump SMARTA Marketing Training Program we can upskill and educate your staff on the foundation of good marketing decisions and applications. This way decisions around ‘How to promote my business’ will be grounded in a sound understanding of marketing principles.

Save on your Marketing Budget.

The Jump SMARTA program is not an accredited course as it is custom built specifically to meet your marketing and training requirements. However, you might be eligible for other related business management and sales training that is fully funded and accredited!

Getting Started on Marketing Training

Step One is where your Business Overview and Skills Gap Analysis take place. In many cases we can do this by completing  some emailed documents that gather all the essential data. Any finer details we take care of with a site visit.

Step Two is to establish the best delivery plan for you. You can ‘Fast Track’ by having your sessions close together i.e. 2 per month, or take a little longer by arranging one session per month.

Also consider how many people you would like to train. These sessions can be one-on-one, but we encourage you to have a team of people capable of actioning different aspects of your marketing. As manager you can oversee the roll out through your own marketing training, or appoint a ‘marketing manager’ from your team.

What does the Jump SMARTA Marketing Training Program cost?

The cost of the program is dictated by you. Based on the skills gap analysis results we can determine how much or how little training you and your team need to be able to effectively and efficiently grow your business. You will be provided with a detailed breakdown of costs associated with your custom made course. 

You might also be eligible for Government funding through federal initiatives or your local Enterprise Centre.

Don’t wait to get your vital marketing training. You must operate SMARTA and sharper in these challenging times. Do not let your competitors steal your market share by disappearing off the map!

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