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One of the reasons it can take so long to get your new website up is the job of Writing the Web Content! Sure, you know what you want to say but how do you put it in the right words? Web Content Writing is unfortunately not as simple as just explaining what your business does.

Jump Marketing is experienced at Writing Web Content that gets found. Why? Because we have been Writing Web Content for years and understand the sales and marketing language that will make your Web Content speak volumes for your business!

We work hand in hand with you to write your Web Content. We discuss all aspects of your business to truly get a feel for what your Web Content must say about you. Many Web Content writers are not marketing experts and will not go to the depth that we do to understand your business and to match the right Web Content style to it.

Through our discussion with you about your Web Content, we will often get you to just provide bullet points, because we can create the right Web Content from that. This makes getting your Web Content ready to put on your site fast and easy!

If you would like to write your Web Content in more detail that’s no problem – you’ll save time and money because we will just do the editing and ‘tidy up’ for you.

Web Content Writing is not only about imbedding keywords into your wording (called ‘Copy’), it must also match the branding, positioning and tone of your business. For example, when we are Writing the Web Content for a high end business we will use words, tone and sentence construction that suits the nature of that business and its customers. The Web Content is likely to contain no slang or colloquilisms, university level punctuation and grammar, and subliminal sales talk.

When Writing Web Content for a different business – let’s say an online baby wear store – we will use language that talks directly to parents and their immediate needs, wants and concerns. And there will even be a difference in Writing the Web Content for a baby wear store that has an up-market appeal, compared to one that is designed for parents on a budget. 

Jump Marketing knows words and the buying behaviours of your customers. Put these together and you will have Web Content that actually works for you – doing the job of a great salesperson.

If you are currently Writing your Web Content, Here are some of the key things that you will need to consider: 

Web Content keywords

Organic search optimisation relies heavily on finding keywords. These are the words that a searcher will type in when looking for your kind of business. Should you use the same keywords your competitors use in their Web Content? What about the keywords that are less used and therefore have less competition?
Remember there is also a recommended limit to the amount of keywords you use on each of your Web Content pages too.

Jump Marketing can assist with keyword searches and selection and make sure they are effectively imbedded in user friendly Web Content.

Web Content amount

Search engines love words. That means that you will not do yourself a favour by only Writing a paragraph of Web Content to describe your business. It might look nice on the page (Watch out! Many Web page designers are not Web Content Writers.), but it will not be found by search engines looking for large amounts of Web Content. There are a recommended amount of words per page of Web Content with up to 750 words being required.

If you are stuck for that many words Jump Marketing can flesh out the detail for you.

Single Web Content focus per page

It is recommended that when Writing Web Content that you dedicate a page to a single focus. This means that you do not spread all your businesses services and products across just a few Web Content pages. You might want to get your Web site launched with more limited Content to meet a deadline, but part of your strategy should always be to follow this up ASAP with the Writing and addition of more Web Content on a regular basis. 

Writing your single focus Web Content is part of your marketing strategy and should not be done on an ad hoc basis. Jump Marketing can ensure that each and every one of your Web Content pages serves a specific purpose and will help drive up searches and sales!

Web Content updating

Who is going to Write your Web Content updates… and how often should this be done?  Developing a search engine optimised Web site is not a once-off task. To maintain your competitiveness you will need to update the Web Content regularly. There is a process to this that doesn’t just see the Writing of Web Content become a simple update by adding of a few different sentences. 

These days you need to make your Web Content really work for you by increasing both the width and depth of your Web site Content. 

Jump Marketing works on a regular basis for their clients, regularly Writing the updated Web Content to match the strategic marketing and SEO plans.

Your Web Content will work effectively when combined with a well devised marketing and promotions strategy. Jump Marketing can improve your business success with:

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We can help you improve your current Web Content through clever editing, keyword embedding and convincing ‘Call to Action’ copy.

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