Graphic Design and Branding

What does your corporate image say about your business? If the Graphic Design of your logo, brochures or web site is weak or just not well matched to the corporate image you want to project then your graphic design could say you are old fashioned or not ‘exciting’ to do business with. If your logo, brochures or web site is ‘amateur’ then people will have the perception that they will be dealing with an ‘amateur’ business.

So never underestimate the power of good graphic design. A strong logo will support the branding and positioning of your business. Your marketing plans must be supported by a strong corporate image, which can only be achieved through experienced and professional Graphic design

Jump Marketing Perth has an experienced team of graphic designers who can handle every aspect of graphic design application from packaging and posters to logos, brochures and web sites. When you need top quality and effective graphic design make sure you Contact Us.

Merry Robertson, Jump Marketing’s Director, is a qualified graphic designer and strategic marketing expert. This rare combination means Jump Marketing creates graphic design that totally supports not only the corporate image of your business, but the total branding strategy you will need.  

Consider the design and communication potential of every marketing document you produce and distribute – whether on paper, or in electronic format. Everything will be an opportunity to make, or break, your corporate image.

Want to see some Graphic Design examples?

 Our clients love the way we can bring their whole branding together with good graphic design. We collaborate with web designers, graphic designers, copy writers and photographers to create exactly what our clients want … and need! See some of our client’s websites. We have had input into either logos and branding, copywriting, design, photography and / or associated advertising.

Jump Marketing works with their graphic designers in Perth to produce Integrated Marketing Communications. This means that every aspect of your branding, promotions and strategic marketing plans carry the same look and message at the same time. A well planned Integrated Marketing Communications strategy incorporates every aspect of your marketing plan. 

Jump Marketing Perth will examine your

and make sure that every element of the graphic design supports your corporate image and positioning.

We will also examine all the material you use in your staff training and management training to ensure that your total business message is supported.

Now that you understand how important good graphic design is, Contact Us. We can do an assessment of your current branding and corporate image and make recommendations on how to use great graphic design to boost the success and profitability of your business.

Do you know how to communicate with a Graphic Designer?

For good graphic design to be produced to suit exactly what you require, whether that be a logo, brochure, website or corporate stationery,  you will need to be very specific about what you want the graphic design to achieve. If your corporate image or brand is already established this is much easier for them as they can follow or incorporate this branding. If you do not already have the graphic design or branding in place then you can run the risk of producing a series of very mismatched promotion tools.

Jump Marketing in Western Australia will help you overcome this graphic design hurdle. One of the marketing communication tools used in this process is called a Creative Brief.

To help you communicate better with us and make the conversation with the graphic design department more precise, you can download your own copy of a Creative Brief here. Creative%20Brief.pdf

Jump Marketing encourage you to use this creative brief when you are communicating your creative needs to us. When you need top quality and effective graphic design make sure you Contact Us.