Have you dabbled in producing your own advertising strategies before? Chances are you didn’t get the result you expected. Don’t be talked into ‘great deals’ by media sales people. Ask our marketing consultants for marketing advice first.

Jump Marketing’s Perth team of advertising specialists design advertising campaigns that work. They know that successful business advertising comes from creating an effective advertising mix of the right image and the right words, and then placing it in the right place at the right time. 

Merry Robertson, Jump Marketing’s Director, is a qualified graphic designer and strategic marketing expert. This rare combination means Jump Marketing can create a well branded advertisement that actually connects with your target market.  Placing a series of newspaper advertisements may be a great strategy, but if it doesn’t get noticed or make a powerful offer it won’t bring you business sales. 

When we design your advertisement we examine  your strategic marketing plan. Everything is considered before we start. For example we will conduct some marketing research into what your competitors are currently doing, examine the economic climate and consider all the consumer behaviour elements related to the time of the year and other marketing influences. 

As part of the advertising plan we will also discuss your current marketing resources. That means the current business budget and financial plans, and the ability of your business to supply the products and services you are promoting. We will also discuss systems for delivering the best customer service strategies so that your business will never be affected by the ‘over promise and under deliver’ problem.

Good advertising works when it is well supported.  Jump Marketing can improve your advertising with:
Graphic Design and BrandingInternet MarketingCustomer Relationship ManagementPublic Relations Event ManagementStaff and Management TrainingDirect Marketing Proof of Success. Everybody wants it! Some of our clients have increased their business turnover by 1000%.

Jump Marketing clients are happy to share their story with you. They are a real mixture of sole traders, company directors, business managers, and government department managers in Western Australia. Read some great testimonials or check out the diverse range of clients we have looked after.

What goes into making a good advertisement?
A headline can be the most important part of your advertisement. A few well placed and well written words can immediately capture the attention and imagination of the viewer or listener. Flick through some newspaper advertising or listen to some radio advertising. What is the first thing you read or hear? What gets your attention and makes you read or listen to THAT advertisement above others?

Here are 10 of the top headline starters. Placed in the right advertisement at the right time they are guaranteed to get attention.


Have fun completing the headline yourself. Download your headline constructor and see what you come up with.

Jump Marketing creates effective advertising strategies. If you have had a go at constructing your own headline and it has sparked your imagination of what could be possible for your next advertising campaign, Contact Us. We can see how your advertising ideas fit into your overall marketing plan, and help you put together a new and interesting marketing strategy to gain more customers and add to your sales and business development plans.