Strategic Marketing Plans

You wouldn’t build a house without a plan. The risk of it collapsing and becoming a nightmare is just too high. You need a business plan and financial plan, and a marketing plan. We will formulate a strategic marketing plan for you. This is not a big document that will sit on your shelf. It is a practical working document that we will help you implement. 

A marketing management service offered by Jump Marketing Perth is that of a Virtual Marketing Manager. Many business owners or business managers realise that they do not possess the marketing management expertise needed. They identify that they require the regular services of a marketing manager but do not want to actually employ one. Part of the role of your Virtual Marketing Manager is to establish your Strategic Marketing Plans for you and review them on a regular basis.

A strategic marketing plan is flexible. It bends to encompass the many outside influences that arise. Jump Marketing in West Australia is experienced in understanding these influences and will review your marketing plan to keep it at its most powerful. We will provide you with regular, up to date and effective marketing advice. 

Do you want a FREE Marketing Overview?  Just Contact Us and we’ll email you a Marketing Overview form. Complete it in as much detail as you like and email or fax back to us. We will give you some great ideas that you could implement immediately!

Marketing managers and business owners should not be content with just planning spur of the moment marketing activities and promotions, because markets are dynamic. The external environment, customer needs and competitors are constantly changing.

This task of planning the marketing strategies that will guide your whole business or company should not be left to a junior recruit. It is a position for a senior manager with experience as a marketing manager, or in many cases it is a position that the business owner adopts.

If you are not in a position to devise and manage your own strategic marketing plans then consider the options you have with Jump Marketing. You can engage them on an ‘as needs’ basis to handle your marketing strategies as required, or engage them as your Virtual Marketing Manager to put regular time every week into rolling out your advertising, public relations, promotions, events and other marketing plan aspects.

There is so much variety in the way you can promote your business. Jump Marketing in Western Australia  can assist you with:

If you own your own business you must ask yourself these questions (because we will!)… What are you good at? What are your skills and goals?  What are your business’s strengths and weaknesses? If you are the Business Manager, what strategic plan do you need to create to keep this business booming?

Why not do a SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis on your business right now? This is a fast and effective way to see exactly what your marketing plan needs to address.

If anything that you reveal on your SWOT analysis worries you, or presents you with a previously unseen business opportunity then Contact Us.  It’s highly likely we can advise you on the best strategic plan to put in place to eliminate your weaknesses, build on your strengths, and convert threats into business opportunities.