Energetic, Educational and Entertaining training

Qualified trainer Merry Robertson, travels throughout Western Australia to deliver customised training and accredited training for State and Local Government and corporate organisations.

Merry’s expertise is in Sales and Marketing training, and personal and professional communication skills.

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A great man once said "if you think training is expensive, consider the cost of ignorance"

Now more than ever you need to train your staff and management.

There is no getting away from the fact that the more knowledgeable and stimulated your people are the more productive they will be. When the business environment is a bit tough you must get the best out of everyone. Want more customers?... then you need customer service training. Better managers? … get management training.

Staff training and development is always on the list of astute managers. Staff training and management training should form an integral part of your strategic marketing plans.

Do you qualify for FREE government funded training?

Your staff could qualify for up to $4,000 each in training for nationally accredited courses.  Contact Us to find out if you do.

Staff training will be essential if you are to improve their ability to sell, and gain the trust and loyalty of customers. Perhaps you run an accounting firm in Western Australia. There is no reason why accountants should not be skilled in cross selling, up selling, and uncovering more business for you.

Or perhaps you manage a health club in New South Wales. Why aren't your floor staff talking to customers, forming relationships and encouraging friends and family to join?

Merry Robertson, Director of Jump Marketing and Training Solutions is a qualified trainer and professional presenter with over 20 years experience. She travels throughout Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory to deliver customised training and accredited training for State and Local Government, and corporate organisations.

To discuss your training needs Contact Us for an obligation free assessment and discussion. Jump Marketing Perth can organise a skills gap analysis to get you started on customised training. When this is reviewed along with your strategic marketing plans, your staff and management training can be built to specifically meet your business goals and strategies.

Check out our wide variety of clients and read their testimonials. Please note that Jump Marketing and Training Solutions is not a Registered Training Organisation. We deliver on behalf of registered training organisations.

What's best for you… Accredited Training or Customised Training?

Here are the benefits of Customised Training:
  • It is designed to address your immediate issues and solve current problems
  • It can take any delivery shape and follow any training delivery plan
  • It can be designed to suit any level of staff skills and experience
  • It can be supported by follow through services such as business coaching and life coaching.
  • It can be done in the environment of your choice – e.g. – an outdoor team building training event.
  • It can be shaped to suit your budget
  • You can engage the same trainer to do further training courses for new staff to maintain continuity
  • It can be incorporated into events like conferences and seminars.
If customised training seems the way to go, then start analysing your needs now by asking these initial questions:
  1. What do we want to be better at?     i.e. sales, customer service, management skills
  2. Why do we need to be better at it?      i.e. to increase profits, retain valued customers, stay ahead of the competition
  3. What will happen if we do not get better?      i.e. We will struggle to maintain profits in this climate, we might have to put off valued staff and lose their IP
  4. What would be the result of effective staff training?         i.e. We will cope better with the economic pressures, we will maintain the confidence of our stakeholders
  5. What is the first thing we need to do then to organise some customised corporate training?

Where does Nationally Accredited Training fit?

Staff and Management respond well to the offer of gaining nationally recognised qualifications. Valued employees will remain loyal for longer and improve their productivity when they are upskilled and invested in.

Do you want your staff to become nationally accredited in Frontline Management, Business Sales or Retail Operations? What about Communication, Real Estate or Business Administration? We deliver nationally recognised training courses for various training providers including the Australian Salesmasters.

Do you qualify for FREE government funded training?

Your staff could qualify for up to $4,000 each in training for nationally accredited courses.  Contact Us to find out if you do.